Home studio project underway

Working from home is now a reality for NDIS participant, Cameron. He called on Liberty Access full range of services to plan his home studio project – a functional building with the appropriate access and equipment required to run his IT consultancy business from home.

“Creating a workspace at home, away from the distractions of family but close to carers, is the ideal scenario for me,” says Cameron, who is paralysed from the chest down. “It allows me to add value in the community without the risks and costs associated with me working outside of the home.”

As well as the building project, Liberty Access coordinated with Job Access, the government department that helps remove workplace barriers for people with a disability, to provide access to Cameron’s studio. A resulting new deck will surround the studio and connect it with the house, accessible via automated sensor doors through the garage.

Job Access also funded some high-low desks that allow Cameron to work with computer screens, printers and drawers at the right level, plus a Surface Hub interactive whiteboard that allows meaningful connections with clients across Australia and the USA.

“It allows me to collaborate with colleagues and clients, and conduct one on one meetings,” says Cameron. “It removes any barriers to face to face interactions, and cuts my required interstate travel significantly.”